7 Common Washer Problems & Tips on How to Fix Them

When your washing machine breaks down without any signs or a prior warning, it will quickly bring your daily routine to a halt. A washing machine is a reliable tool that helps us save time for what is most important, our family. But just like any household appliance, washers are subject to wear and tear. In this blog post, we outline the most common washer issues and give you tips on how to fix them.

Egor Pastukhov
Appliance Repair Technician
January 5, 2022

Another day, another load of dirty clothes. Washing machines are a fantastic invention that help us save hundreds of hours of time. It’s tough to imagine a life without them. But like any other major household appliance, they are subject to wear & tear. Without proper maintenance, washing machines tend to develop issues that prevent them from working properly. We have compiled a list of the most common washing machine issues as well as some tips on how to fix them. 

  • Washer not starting
  • Washer not spinning
  • Washing machine making noise
  • Washer is vibrating
  • Washer is not draining
  • Washer is overfilling
  • Soap dispenser is leaking

Washing machine is not starting

Owning a washing machine doesn’t come without problems. One of the most common issues homeowners face is when the washer is not starting or turning on at all. But don’t worry, there are a few troubleshooting tips you can follow. First, make sure that the power fuse or the power socket is working. Second, check to see if there are any loose connections in the power fuse. And finally, make sure the door lock is working properly. 

Washer is making a loud noise

Imagine, you are sitting in your living room enjoying quality family time and all of sudden you hear a loud sound coming from your laundry room. What can it be? A few minutes ago, you loaded up the washing machine with a huge basket of stinky clothing. Another day, another load. But this time, it's different. It's loud. It's noisy. It's annoying. Do not worry. Stay calm, as there are a few reasons why your washing machine is acting up. Most common reason your washer is making noise is the outer tub and drum. Objects get trapped in between overtime. Things like coins, dirt, rocks & other miscellaneous items are at fault. Before your next load check to see if there is any debris on the outer layer of the drum and retrieve it. And the next time you load the washer, make sure to check those pockets! If you have an older washer making noise, you may have faulty bearings that overtime can lead to more serious damage. In this case, you should consult a professional appliance repair technician.

Washer is vibrating excessively

You just put a full laundry basket into your washer. Started the cycle. And 10  minutes later you hear a banging sound coming from the laundry room. You check to see what’s going on and discover that your washer has moved a few inches. Do not worry, the washer wasn’t trying to run away. Nor has anybody moved it. What likely happened is that you loaded the washer with a load bigger than it was supposed to handle. An overloaded washer can cause excessive vibration that can lead to the degradation of the suspension mechanism. If you are not careful, excessive overloading can lead to expensive damages in the future. So when the time comes to do laundry, split your loads. Other than that, make sure your washing machine is placed on a completely horizontal surface.  

Washing machine is not draining

You open up the washer and discover that your clothes are still wet. You run another cycle, but the issue persists. The likely reason this is happening is poor drainage. The most common culprit for poor drainage is a clogged or faulty drain pump. Over time, after hundreds of loads the washing machine drain pump gets clogged with dirt and cloth fibers leading to improper draining. In this case, disassembling and cleaning out the pump can help solve the problem. 

Washer is overfilling or under-filling

Another common washing machine issue homeowners face is when the washing machine is overfilling or under-filling. In the event of an overfilled washer, the likely reason is due to the pressure switch that is not working as it should. But besides a faulty pressure switch, you could have a blocked pressure chamber, or there is a hole in the pressure hose. 

Washing machine is not spinning

The washing machine is turning on, but the drum is not spinning. Your clothes aren’t being washed and the washer isn’t doing what it promised. In the unfortunate event of a washing machine not spinning there can be a couple reasons why. The washer spinning system is interconnected with the drainage system, so if you have sitting water that isn’t draining properly the washing machine will not spin. Other potential causes are a faulty motor belt, worn out carbon brushes, or a blocked pump filter. So if your washer is not spinning you need the help of an experienced appliance repair company that can help alleviate the stress and get the washer up and running.

Washer soap dispenser is leaking

There are various reasons as to why your soap dispenser is leaking. The most common are a blocked drain pipe, overfilling, strong water pressure and having a build up of undissolved detergent.

If you happen to experience any of the above mentioned issues, it is recommended you get in touch with a qualified appliance repair professional. Appliance Service Pro has the know-how as well as the experience to help you get your washer up and running in no time. Save yourself hours of your time and protect your wallet from costly repairs. Call (360) 667-1567 today!